VLC Media Player: A Must-Have Application for Law Offices

Playing media files can be a pain.  Just a few years ago, we only had to deal with video and audio tapes so we knew how to play those but today audio and video files can come in many different formats.  Unfortunately, the media players which come with Windows or McIntosh systems have limited capability in playing some of the formats you might receive in your office.

So is there an application out there you can use to play almost any media format?

VLC is the one you should have on your computer.

What is VLC?

VLC (VideoLan Client) is a FREE - yes, you read that right - FREE and open source multimedia player that plays most files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs and various formats.  The application runs on Windows, McIntosh, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.  VLC will also work on your iPad or Android tablet device.

If you are having trouble playing a file, you need to use VLC first.  It isn't the answer for every file but it's pretty darn good and a must-have for the law office.

I won't clutter your reading by listing all of the file formats that VLC plays but you can see the list by going to VLC - Features - VideoLAN.

While VLC is great for playing MOST media file formats, it certainly doesn't play every file format in existence and it won't play media files that use third-party software.  

Once you have downloaded and installed VLC on your computer, you will want to make sure that you set up your files to play in the VLC player.  I usually keep my default player as Windows Media Player until I need to use VLC.  Here's how you switch over from your default player to VLC:

Right Click on the file name, select OPEN WITH and then choose the VLC player.

Try it out.  Download your copy here:  VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS! - VideoLAN

Another neat feature of VLC is the ability to convert to another format.  I will cover that in a future blog.



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