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What is De-duplication and why should you care about it?

Sometimes in dealing with electronically stored information, your tech specialist or litigation support vendor might ask if you want deduplication done on your data.  Say what now?  De-who? Yep, it's another one of those techie words that we throw around.  I guess it would be easier to ask if you want to keep ALL the exact copies of data to review.  That still might not be much better in explaining it. De-duplication is the process of removing duplicate data and eliminates excessive copies of data.  Many litigation support applications can identify duplicates through the digital fingerprint in the creation of a document.  When anything is created there is a unique identifier given to the data.    Why should you care?   Well, you will care if you are looking through lots of data because it will save you time in reviewing the same documents.  So how are duplicates created? Let’s say that you send me an email with an attached Microsoft Word document.  If I save the attachm

What Are Bates Numbers?

Most legal professionals are very familiar with Bates Numbers.  Bates Numbers are a sequential numbering system used in numbering documents in a case.  When law practice was all paper documents, it was fairly easy but still labor intensive.  You simply applied a bates number to every piece of paper in a case.  Today's electronic world has made the bates numbering process a bit more challenging.   I still remember the days when I spend hours applying bates numbers manually on boxes of paper documents.  Today our technology provides ways to do this electronically.   If you work with PDF files, Adobe Acrobat has this feature built-in where you can electronically endorse PDF documents with a bates number. So why is it called a "Bates" number anyway? This numbering system is named after 19th Century inventor Edwin G. Bates who invented a stamping device which applied consecutive numbers.  Each time the machine was pressed down onto a sheet of paper, a rotating wheel was moved

What Exactly Is Metadata?

I remember the first time I was sitting in a classroom for training on metadata.  The trainer came out and started the class giving us the definition of metadata.  I had my pen and paper ready as I joined others in anticipation of the definition of this new technical term in the legal world. He said: "Metadata is data about data." What the.....? I wondered if there was a joke I wasn't getting.  His definition told me nothing about what metadata was. So what exactly IS metadata? Metadata is the information about electronic data which is hidden from the average user. Here's what this means: If you go to a Microsoft Word document and open it, you will see the text on the screen.  So where is the metadata?   In the Word document, click on FILE > INFO You will see the "properties" for the document which is the metadata. So, now you can see some detailed information about this document that you would have not seen by just viewing it normally in Microsoft Word.