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What Do You Have?

The success of any document review process is the importance of organizing your data before processing into a review platform.  There are some who assume that you can simply throw all of your data into a software, press a button and everything is magically organized for review - in five minutes.   While there is software out there that can come pretty darn close to doing that, this isn’t the reality.  You can increase your odds dramatically by organizing your data first.  So how do you do that? First, you need to know what you have.  If you are familiar with file types, you can scan through your data to determine if you have emails, pdf files, word processing files or programming files.  The type of data you have will determine how it will be processed.   Not familiar with file types?  Click here for a place which lists the most common file types and extensions.    It would be helpful to determine what you have and tally up the file types you have in your data.  A useful tool to do th

How To Export Google Mail (gmail)

Last week the question was asked by one of our clients if he could forward pertinent Google emails in a case to us. Immediate answer:  Noooooooo! It is VERY important in understanding how to handle email data so that you don't create evidentiary problems with the data.   After backing away from the ledge, I explained how to properly export Google emails so that we could import into a review platform. Here's how it is done: Go to Uncheck DESELECT ALL Scroll down to Mail and check the box Scroll to the bottom and click on NEXT STEP button At the CREATE A NEW EXPORT screen, you can keep the default options Click on CREATE EXPORT button You will receive a message that "Google is creating a copy of files from Mail" and it could take hours or days to complete.  (When I did my own it took a couple of hours) When you receive the email, click on the button to DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES A .zip file will be downloaded to your computer Browse to the lo