Hidden Sources of eDiscovery

We already know that electronic evidence can be found in computers, smartphones and tablets but what other places have potential eDiscovery that you normally wouldn't think of.   Consider this - ANY device that holds memory can have ESI.  

So what are these hidden places which could have electronic evidence?

  • Virtual Reality Goggles - VR technology such as the Oculus series contain memory and could reveal internet searches or other personal data about the user. 
  • Copying machines - Copying machines are more than just copying.  They also hold memory.  Some even hold and release copy jobs for the user.  
  • Activity trackers - Fitness bands such as Fitbit devices can track personal information as well as GPS location. 
  • Smart TVs - Televisions are highly technical entertainment systems with ability to store data about the user other than just their viewing habits.  Internet ready televisions can also reveal searches and patterns.
  • Ring doorbells - These devices are becoming more popular as users can capture video footage of events. 
  • Automobiles - Not just oil and gas anymore.  Today’s automobiles are equipped with technology to track more data about the use of the vehicle.  Many now have GPS data and some are equipped with WiFi. 
  • Smart watches - There is now more data on the wrist than just the time now.  Apple, Android and others have created advanced watches containing data. 
  • CPAP machines - This medical device which is designed for people diagnosed with sleep apnea, contain modems which transmits data as well as SD cards. 
  • Cameras - Photographers have the ability to tag their shots with geo tracking as well as being able to connect to WiFi.  
  • Game systems - XBOX, Playstations and others also store data which could reveal personal information about the user.  

Identifying these hidden sources of ESI is a challenge but how to export this data is yet another hurdle.  Always consult a forensics or eDiscovery professional for help with advice on how to extract data.  


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