Who Do You Call?

So you are in a small law firm or solo practitioner and you don't have the luxury of having a litigation support specialist on your payroll.  Who do you call if you need an expert in eDiscovery or processing data?  What can you do if terabytes of emails are dumped on you?  

If you want to do it right, you need to reach out to an eDiscovery vendor.  It's still going to cost you money but do you really have the technical ability to spend your time trying to figure it out on your own?  You may be a whiz at using your computer and whipping out pleadings but you could be limited in processing eDiscovery data.

So where do you start?

Google eDiscovery or litigation support vendors in your area.  If you live in a big city, chances are there is a company there you can have a meeting with to discuss your situation.   Also, don't limit yourself to only working with local vendors.  Working remotely with eDiscovery vendors isn't as difficult as you would think especially after last year where many worked remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

So where can you look for eDiscovery vendors?

Here are a few places to try:

www.complexdiscovery.com - This site lists the Top 100 eDiscovery vendors. It is an online publication which highlights data and legal discovery used by business, information technology and legal professionals.  

www.trustradius.com/ediscovery - This is another neutral site which lists the top-rated eDiscovery vendors.  The site also has filtering options so you can filter by price, products and ratings.

When you enter your search in Google for "top eDiscovery vendors" just be aware that search results will return links to specific vendors instead of a neutral site.  When I entered my search I received results to Logickull, Everlaw and Relativity.  While they are some the top vendors, they can also afford to pay to get their companies at the top of Google search results.  

The top eDiscovery vendor is currently Relativity but Everlaw is rapidly becoming more popular with their user-friendly interface.  

Some things to consider when searching for an eDiscovery vendor:

  1. How responsive are they?  You want to make sure if you are paying for the service that the vendor is responsive to your needs.
  2. Can they easily explain techie terms?  You will want someone that can translate the tech so you can understand because you might have to explain it to the judge.  Sometimes use techie folks just assume people know what we are talking about.  
  3. Don't make your decision based on price alone.  You will want to get what you are paying for.  Maybe look for vendors that have a flat-rate price to use their services.  
  4. One size doesn't fit all.  Find the vendor that meets your needs.  Don't just judge them on their "rating".
eDiscovery is a booming business and will only continue to grow.  You will need a vendor you can depend on.  You may prefer someone local but don't rule out someone who can support you remotely.  Just as you rely on experts in other areas, you may need an expert when it comes to processing eDiscovery.  


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