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Do We Still Get Paper?

I once scoffed at the term the "paperless office" but I have lived to see eDiscovery transform from paper to electronic data.  I'm officially old. When I first began my career in litigation support, everything was in paper.  It wasn't until about seven years ago that I started to see the ratio change toward more electronic data than paper.  Very rarely did I have to scan banker's boxes full of paper. Paper is still out there. So in this age of electronic data, how do you deal with paper coming in the door? First, you need to sort through what you have and decide what needs to be converted to digital.  Unfortunately many hours of work have been wasted when the decision is made to "scan everything" without first culling through the paper to determine if the documents are important.  If you miss something you can always add it later.  There's really no need to scan every piece of paper. My rule has always been to scan what you need and lock up the paper

Are Smartphones Making You Feel Dumb?

They're everywhere.  People are glued to their tiny screens everywhere you go.  We carry a lot of our data on smartphones today.  It's convenient but it is also a pain in the arse when you have to sort through the data in litigation.  So how can you get the data off of the phone and into something you can use in court? More than likely, you will need a forensic solution to do this. One way is through Cellebrite. I will be honest, I often cringe when I hear someone is providing us Cellebrite data from smartphones.  The good news is that the Cellebrite data is getting better to work with. So what is Cellebrite? Cellebrite is a company that provides tools for collection, analysis and management of digital data.  They offer solutions that can help you to extract pertinent data such as text messages, videos, photos, etc. from smartphones.  The information is then compiled into a report which you can use to search the data.  The report hasn't always been user-friendly but it is g