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How To Set Up Auto-Highlight Row for Reviewing Excel Spreadsheets

Let's be honest.  Document reviews of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets are a pain in the - eyes.   In the old days, you could just print them out and use a ruler to keep your eyes focused on the line you are working on.  Today as the data makes it nearly impossible to print them out, you need something similar on your screen to save your place while reviewing them. There is a little programming involved but don't freak out....if I can do it, you can do it too. 👉Go to top left corner and select the entire worksheet  👉Click on Conditional Formatting 👉Select New Rule 👉 Use a formula to determine which cells to format 👉Format Values where this formula is true: =OR(CELL("row")=CELL("row",A1)) 👉Click on Format , then fill to set the color, press OK 👉Click OK Now for the programming: 👉Click on Developer   (if you don't see this option, go to File > Options > customize ribbon > look in the right box and add check in Developer the click OK.) 👉Click

How To Convert .CDA files to MP3

I can't tell you how many times I have had legal staff call me and ask to troubleshoot why they can't play files with .cda extension they have copied to a folder on the network or turned over in discovery.  The problem with files with .cda extension is that they will not play unless they are on the original disc they were copied from.   The .cda files are specifically designed to only play on disc - similar to music CDs we once put into the CD player in our car or boom box. For more information about .CDA files, see "What's The Deal With .CDA Files?" The best way to handle the issue with .cda files is to "rip" them from the disc.   Here's how to do this: 1.      Insert the disc into your disc drive 2.      Open Windows Media Player 3.      Select the disc drive location in Windows Media Player   4.      Select Rip CD 5.  Files will be converted to .mp3 6.  If you want to find where the files have been ripped to or change the settings, click on Rip Se