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What Is a PST File?

If you have to work with e-mail data, one format you will need to be familiar with are PST files.  These types of files are associated with Microsoft Outlook e-mails. PST is a "personal storage table" which is created by Microsoft Outlook to store data and items such as email messages, calendar events and contact information.   This data can be very valuable to you in your case.   How can you obtain a PST file from Outlook? Within Microsoft Outlook, click on FILE Select Open & Export Choose Import/Export option Choose Export to a file Select Outlook Data File (.pst) Select what you want to export Choose the location where you want the file to be saved. The next part is the tricky part of PST files.  How are you going to review them?   The most obvious answer would be to import them into your own Outlook.  STOP!  Think about this for a minute or two.  Importing another PST file into your own Outlook could taint the metadata.  You run a high risk of altering the data.  For

The Key To Unlocking Locked PDF Files

PDF files are a convenient way to share electronic files as well as securing them but what happens when you encountered PDF data which has been locked down to prevent you from printing, editing or annotating them? In my experience, this has occurred when I have received bank records.  Bank of America is notorious for locking down their PDF files.  This is a good thing to protect the data but it can be challenging when you have to process them to meet discovery deadlines.  You COULD try to ask the originator to provide the password but good luck with that.  I have never had success with that method.  So is there a way to workaround locked PDF files? First, trying saving the PDF file as a .TIF file and then back to PDF format.  If this doesn't work, try this: Select the PDF to print Change printer to MICROSOFT XPS DOCUMENT WRITER Open the version created by Microsoft XPS Document Writer and then save back to PDF format. If you try to use Adobe's PDF printer driver, it will detect