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What Is Culling?

Your client has dumped terabytes of data on you and now you have to go through it all and determine what is important to the case.   In the eDiscovery world we call this culling.  There is nothing really technical about it, culling is simply the process of removing content that is irrelevant while searching to identify content which is relevant. When someone uses the term "culling" I often have the image of a miner with a pick.  That's exactly what this is.  You are looking for the important stuff.  To do that, you must chip away the stuff you don't need to get to it.  Chances are that over 75% of the data you collect will never be produced.  Hundreds of hours are spent every year reviewing data.   Culling helps you in the front end to narrow down to data that you truly need. There are generally three types of culling: DeNISTing - Yes, this is a big time techie term but this is the method of removing all of the junk data such as systems files or other file formats wh