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I have less hair today because of a dash. Yes, a dash in a filename turned an easy processing job into one that took much longer than necessary caused by a problem with a dash in a filename. This issue reminded me of how crucial it is to name a file correctly.  In my previous life, investigators would bring me data copy from their external drive when I would often encounter the dreaded "file names too long" error message. Both Microsoft and Apple impose limitations on file name length.  This limit includes not only the file name but also the entire document path.   The reason for this error - especially with Windows-based systems is that there is a limitation of 256 characters in a filename.  There are also some issues with using specific characters.  Two things to keep in mind when you are naming your native files - try to avoid using a period "." and also the dash "-".   Using a period in your filename could be confusing because this is generally the del