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Be Ready with ReadySuite

I have been involved in eDiscovery for the past 10-15 years and one of the more challenging issues I have experienced in working with data is troubleshooting and resolving issues with load files such as dat and opt.  It isn't always the easiest task.  It is one of those where you close the door to your office and put your phone on do-not-disturb.  I have painstakingly either used Notepad ++ or Microsoft Excel to work with errant load files.   Over the past year I have become familiar with an amazing eDiscovery tool called ReadySuite. ReadySuite was developed by Compiled (formerly known as Compiled Services which was founded by Justin Blessing in 2008) The software can handle everything you need with load files.  You can view, convert, edit, manipulate, validate load files and all industry standard load files are supported.  You can also perform quality control by validating document volumes and production sets.  There are so many other things you can do with ReadySuite but I can te

eDiscovery Training = Good Investment

There was a popular movie in the 1980s about a rag-tag group of recruits in the Army who trained themselves.  At the graduation ceremony, everyone watched in horror with the very unorthodox way they entered the parade ground.  The commanding officer asked what kind of training they had, and their leader barked out:  "Barrrrrrrmy training sir!" If you are going to be proficient with eDiscovery tools such as processing or database platforms, you will need to have good training.   I specify "good" training because training is EXTREMELY important.  Over the years I have attended and conducted training for various litigation support functions.  I cannot emphasize enough on how important training is for an organization. Here are some tips for eDiscovery training for your organization: Pick the right people to train .   Not everyone has the aptitude for picking up eDiscovery processing and management tools.  Don't just throw people into training.  Just as a coach must